Friday, April 11, 2008

Out on the Tiles...

We had visitors last night so I got the chance to hide in the bedroom and practice my illustrator moves while others entertained the kids....Tho I relied on mostly the old stuff I already knew, I did sketch this out in Painter with the wacom... That was the first I ever really got to work with painter and there seems to be a ton to learn but for sketching it felt pretty natural and I didnt even have to worry about making my paper thin or tear from erasing. Then I brought it into illustrator and went from there. One of my favorite cartoons is the Batman, because they made Robin actually cool and did and awesome job with Batgirl. I hear it was canceled tho. Well I sketched this from the episode "the apprentice" where Joker gets his own sidekick and our girl Babs ends up dangling over a green vat of gook by the legs of joker's sidekick....and its a good thing I can pause the TV for some amount of time.

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