Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Even If It's Wrong. . .

I am sure that everyone can remember certain firsts in their lives... When I was 8 or 9 years old I had three firsts in one night. My uncle had then just separated from my aunt and he picked me up for the night to play with my cousin Bingey at his new apartment. On the way there we stopped at a store and he bought me my first (of many) G.I. Joe action figures, Stalker the Ranger and I still have him to this day. So when we got back to his apartment me and my cousin played G.I. Joes and he had a ton of them and it was all new to me so it was a blast. A little later we ate some chocolate, and this was the first time I ever ate chocolate that wasn't brown. It was like green and red chocolate and man it was the best chocolate I ever ate even to this day. Then later that night, I remember turning on TV and this comedian was on and he was funny but then he did this bit on the seven words you cant say on TV. Now I grew up around my moms brother and heard him say every cuss word there is. But this was the first time that I ever found swearing humorous and funny. I remember laughing so hard that we woke up my uncle and he came out and made us turn it off but i heard enough to know that even though they may be inappropriate, swear words are actually funny. So thank you George Carlin, you are missed!

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