Friday, July 27, 2012


So you didnt catch Steddy P & the rest of the of the INDYGROUND CREW on the road during their summer tour? Dont feel so bad, I didnt get to see them either. I know, i know it sucks but wait..... I made this paper toy van with Steddy P, DJ Mahf & Matthew Sawicki cruisin inside, which you can DOWNLOAD, PRINT OUT & PUT TOGETHER and then put it on your desk, shelf, stereo, wherever & pretend you just saw them on the interstate headin to the next show. BUT WAIT, you can go to this link  & download albums & mixtapes, & some are even FOR FREE!!!! You can bump those new tunes while playin with the new toy that you just downloaded & put together. WHAT ARE YOU WAITIN FOR, DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!! TEE DUB TOYZ!!!! INDYGROUND ALL DAY!!!!

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